Book Covers and bumps

So, it’s kind of amusing because I have gone through about 4 different covers for In Light of Burning. The one posted below is the final copy- atm anyway. I think it’s the best one I have done, and I like it alot. I posted it up on Smashwords and people have downloaded it already.  I made it free because right now I’m really interested in getting reviews about the book itself.  It’s the first and so waiting for the reviews on it is always anxiety-making. 
I’m working on my second book now.  It’s going to be a teen dragon romance.  I made a cover for it also but the two base images aren’t mine and someone reminded me of copyright laws–so I have to work on that cover some more.  As soon as I have finished that cover I’ll post it.

I can’t wait though, I think this story I’m working on currently is pretty awesome.  I’ll post the intro in the next post.

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