Indie Publishing, and The Love of My Life: Writing (I wish I had realized it sooner!)

So, here I am, a new Indie publisher.  I never even knew that there was such a thing as Indie publishing until about a mounth ago, and I found out about it because I checked out the blog of an author that I read: Amanda Hocking.

Reading about the experience she had inspired me immeasurably.  I had been writing a book for the last ten years of my life- and I had never been certain when I would finish it. After reading her blog, I finished the manuscript within three weeks.

I might become as successful as she is- and I might not, but I will always be grateful for the inspiration I got from reading about her success. I realized, after reading her steps and advice on Indie publishing, that no matter what- even if I never sell one copy of any book I write- I NEED to write.

And I finally realized just the other day how very much  I need to write when I discovered a folder full of poems I wrote as a teen/young adult. Looking at that folder showed me just how much writing is a part of me:  it was filled with poetry. I always date my work- ever since I was a child I have done that- and these poems were written on nearly every day of the year. 

And I know those weren’t the only ones. I have lost more of my written work than I can ever remember writing. There were poems in that folder that I couldn’t even remember having put to paper.

So- all of that to say this: whether I make millions on writing or not- it has always been, and most likely will always be a part of my life. 

It is who I am.

4 Responses to “Indie Publishing, and The Love of My Life: Writing (I wish I had realized it sooner!)”

  1. RoGoodman says:

    You sound like me:) I was signed to an eBook contract by an Indie e-publisher back in August. I had been trying so hard to go the "traditonal" way that I didn't realize there was another option besides a big publisher or self-publishing. Congrats to you for getting your work out there 🙂

  2. K.W.McCabe says:

    Thanks 🙂 It's interesting learning about this side of the writing/publishing industry- I wish more people knew about it lol.

  3. Amy Neftzger says:

    Keep that attitude and don't get distracted by "success." Most authors don't earn millions but if you write what you love you will find the right audience.

  4. K.W.McCabe says:

    Thanks 🙂 I hope so- everyone hopes that the stuff they write will be appealing to someone other than themselves hehe

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