Living Out Your Nightmares X_x

Ok, so I have to say that I had a terrifically horrific day yesterday.  Have you ever had a dream that was so much like what could possibly happen in real life- that you think it is real while you’re dreaming it?  And then, when you wake up- you’re still not certain you’re not still dreaming? Yes?

Ok. Well then have you ever had a nightmare that was so realistic that it could possibly happen in real life and you woke up praying that you were actually dreaming?

Well, for the past two weeks, something like that has been happening to me.

Except, unfortunately, it hasn’t been a dream at all.  It has been my very own personal nightmare during my wide awake daytime life.

 I’m currently taking my last two classes in Forensic Pych at school.  And one of them is taught by a police officer.  A real life, gun on hip, piss-me-off-and-who-knows-what-the-hell-I’ll-do police officer.

And, really, at first I totally didn’t even mind.  I mean like- I’m not breaking any laws right?  I’m in school minding my own damn business- this class will be peaches and cream. 

Oh, the folly of my ignorance.

So two weeks ago, this Professor/Cop, tells me to meet her at a coffee shop on her break.  And that was totally cool with me cuz- after all- she’s on duty and still willing to help me out with my classes and assignments, right?

This woman comes in full uniform- which was fine…until I told her that I had been unable to get the book she wanted me to read because my father had locked the mailbox. 

All hell broke loose.

This woman LITERALLY went cop on me.  She even said- and I quote- “You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m in cop mode right now…”  and proceeded to yell at me IN PUBLIC about how I always had excuses!

Now, she was most likely having a bad day, granted, but can you imagine the personal horror I was experiencing?!  I was like OMG everyone in here is waiting for her to slam me on the table, handcuff me, and cart me off like that last bad episode of Cops! (Meanwhile, I’m hearing that song, Bad Boys playing in my head in the background lol.)

So, now every week, I have to sit across from her, and tell her “what I learned.”  I used to be able to conversate with her normally.  Now, I have to take down notes of everything I read because she scared and intimidated me so bad I forget what I read as soon as I see her!

School should never be this horrible.  Seriously.

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