Welcome to the Grand Opening for Cheap Bookies! The Grand Opening Sale will last until 1/1/12 and you will be able to purchase ebook covers for only $15! Check Pricing page for details!

Now for the reason why I started this site:
I started this page because I was so fed up with trying to find an affordable cover artist.  Nearly all of the cover artists that I spoke to charged $100+  After much frustration, I decided to take care of my problem myself. 

After a few attempts at creating my own book covers, (the base images are borrowed from other artists- I mostly do photomanipulation,) I decided that I would just offer my services to other authors who are desperate for affordable covers for their books.

At the moment, I only offer designs for ebooks.  I’m unsure if I’ll offer designs for physical copies in the future- we’ll see.

So, feel free to contact me on the blog and I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P!

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  1. Marthalynn says:

    Congrats on the Grand Opening!!

  2. MyTwoCents says:

    Hi,I am visiting for the Dots Planner Printables!Thanks~Karrieann

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