Books, Covers, and Models

So I have been stressing out and wondering about how I was going to get someone who looked like Cecily for the cover.  I already had a model for the cover- the sample I created has her on it- but it’s no easy thing to get the permission from a model if you’re not going to use stock photos.

The hardest thing about stock photos was that I could never find a girl who even slightly resembled the image of Cecily I had in my mind.  I found a couple of other models who looked like her on the internet, but unless you’re offering gajillions for a photoshoot- it’s a no-go.

So I checked out the website of my husband’s friend- he’s a freelance photographer and has connections with some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. I saw her on his website.  I was so excited a shot him a message to find out if she would be willing to be the cover model for The Dragon’s Call

He just got back to me today and said he would tell her about my offer (I’m not rich so I ain’t offering a ton,) and we would go from there.

So here’s hoping that she’s interested.  Because she’s perfect for the cover- she’s almost exactly the image I see when I see Cecily.

So cross your fingers for me!

2 Responses to “Books, Covers, and Models”

  1. A.D. Duling says:

    fingers crossed! I know how your feel, not rich here either and my covers are photoshoped by yours truly:0)p.s. linked you on my website… go check it out! now how did you make a button!!!!

  2. K.W.McCabe says:

    Heading there now! And someone on Bookblogs made it for me- just because she was awesome lol

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