To Publish or Not to Publish

So I was writing a short story for a certain magazine- Raglitmag- and one of the requirements was that you pay $3.00 every time you submit an article.  Now, I was all for mailing it in (the free option,) but then I re-read the wait time. It would be 2-3months before they got back to me- and it could be a denial.

Now, that in itself is pretty much normal. What wasn’t normal was that you are REQUIRED to pay a submission fee EACH TIME YOU SUBMIT!!!

Now, I don’t know about you- but if I’m submitting my hard work- the last thing I want to do is pay each and every time I submit something- and it might not even be accepted. That just doesn’t make sense.

So I decided to submit a different short to them- and self-publish Wraith. I was getting too attached to the story to do it a deservice by trying to tell a story in 5k words- to get my money’s worth.  Anything over 5k was treated to a flat rate of $100-$250 with no royalties. 

Now, granted, the rights revert back to the author after printing- but they reserve the right to reprint the work in the future- without paying the author for the privilege!

As a result, I’ve decided to make personal anthologies out of my shorts.  Dreams Both Real and Strange, is the first.  There will be another anthology following to continue two of the five stories and introduce new shorts as well.

I feel pretty good about this decision because, while I didn’t want to turn Wraith into a novel- I also didn’t want to destroy the story by forcing it into 5k words.

So we’ll see- Dreams Both Real and Strange has already gotten a 5 star review on Smashwords.  If I can keep up with writing more shorts, the second anthology will be well on its way.

6 Responses to “To Publish or Not to Publish”

  1. Ashley S says:

    Congrats on the 5 star review! How exciting 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome job in getting 5 stars!! And I do not blame you in wanting to have to pay the 3 dollars. Seems absurd to me

  3. K.W.McCabe says:

    Thanks 🙂 Ya, it does >.< lol

  4. I love writing and reading! Glad I found your site. I am anxious to read your work when these kids give me a spare minute to think! 🙂 I will be adding more writing to my site in the next few months as well. 🙂

  5. K.W.McCabe says:

    Thanks! I like the look of your site 🙂

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