Triberr, Klout, and Social Medias




So I have to say that it’s amazing the things you can learn on Facebook.


I recently learned about Triberr a network dedicated to enhancing traffic to blogs. It’s like the blogger’s version of Facebook.


Although, I can’t say for sure because an invitation code is also required to join.  This is unfortunate because I have had the most difficult time finding a person who was giving out the codes.  The closed-off-have-to-have-a-code technique sort of reminded me of livejournal before it was open to everyone.
Now this might also be a way that they attempt to prevent spammers and bots from joining- which, if this is the case, is cool.


I understand that.


Now, if I could just get someone to send me an invite- I might even forgive them!


The next social media site I just learned about on Facebook is Klout.


Which, I think, is actually an ingenious way of monitoring the influence and traffic passing through all of your social medias.  The only problem is that I haven’t been able to get it to connect to my google or blogger account.  Which is unfortunate because those are the accounts I most want to monitor.


I’m assuming, because it’s in beta, that this is a bug that will soon be fixed.


In any case, I’m still on the warpath- the great battle to increase my readership.


If you have any suggestions- just let me know!


P.S. I just got the code for Triberr they are forgiven in full lol

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  1. LOL – -and I was just checking out your blog to invite you! FYI — Triberr is still in beta and there are a lot of bugs to be worked out before the general public can get in. You have to have a LOT of patience to deal with it at times.

  2. K.W.McCabe says:

    Nice to know! I'm just getting used to the setup right now lol

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