Dark Anthologies and Other Projects

So I’ve started on the shorts for  Dreams Both Real and Strange 2. You get to learn a little more about Lena in part II of Wraith and a little bit more about the reaper in Choices.

Between Lena, Anne, and Wraith- I think Wraith is my favorite character.  He’s so dark and conflicted.  They all are- don’t get me wrong- but out of the three of them, I think his character is the deepest.

The reaper in Choices is also conflicted.  I haven’t yet decided between giving the story of how he became the reaper- or finish his storyline.  Inspiration is a fickle mistress- so we’ll see.

The Dragon’s Call is coming along.  I noticed, between writing this story, Choices, and Wraith, that I have the tendency to write stories that seem like one thing- and end up being different from what they seem.

Case in point: Wraith, at first, sounds like a vampire- but he isn’t.  I’ll leave the spoilers out, but I think I enjoy writing complex characters.

I can’t wait to finish the two shorts though. As soon as I do, they’ll be up on Amazon and Smashwords, ready to go.

2 Responses to “Dark Anthologies and Other Projects”

  1. Marthalynn says:

    Oooohhh sounds good! I love a conflicted character!

  2. K.W.McCabe says:

    I know! Conflicted is the new smexy lol

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