ARC – A Slight Case of Death by Robert Lee Beers

A Slight Case of Death: 4 out of 5 stars

Being a hard-nosed bulldog when it comes to solving cases is never easy on Tony Mandolin. It starts to get harder when the daughter of a rich tycoon asks him to find her twin sister. The chase is on as bodies begin appearing one after another- all victims of drug overdoses…or are they?
A Slight Case of Death by Robert Lee Beers, takes off with twist after twist, leading to places the reader never expected to go.
This ARC was given to me as a free gift, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tale to the end! I got hooked by the twists in the plot that went through run-ins with crazy, flaming drag-queens, size-changing alcoholic pixies, and off-color vampires. I have to say that my favorite character was Frankie: the cross-dressing, flaming drag-queen who often tried to steal the show! I’m sure that more excitement and drama waits in the next installment of this series!



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  1. Never heard of this author either but it sounds like a good read.I'm your newest follower (via fb group), I have a few wee books giveaways if you fancy a look.Lainy

  2. K.W.McCabe says:

    His book is really engaging 🙂 Heading to your site now!

  3. DisneyMom says:

    LOL This book sounds crazy (in a good way)!

  4. LOL cross dressing flaming drag queen?! Sounds great :)) I'm also commenting here because the November giveaway comment section is MIA. 😛

  5. K.W.McCabe says:

    Thanks Melissa! lol- I'm working on that >.< lol

  6. Bob Beers says:

    Thanks for the kind comments. And yes (sigh) I am an unknown, even though one of my standard quest fantasies was number 1 on the now defunct Fictionwise site for six weeks. Writers Exchange Epublishing has A Slight Case, etc etc up now for sale in nearly every format available and the second book is being proofed as I write (Patience Kareen). The third in the series (I have about 7 mapped out) is currently being written. Imagine werewolves, now imagine the problem with a pregnant unwed werewfolf teenager in San Francisco.

  7. K.W.McCabe says:

    Sounds fun 🙂 I'll be posting up notice that A Slight Case of Death is up and available!

  8. Bob Beers says:

    Hi KW, the second book, One Last Quiche is out and up for sales. For a brief moment there, both books one & 2 were in the top 10 on B&N's Fictionwise site. Book 3, Jewel of Denial is in the works, page 70, but it is coming along.

  9. K.W. McCabe says:

    Thanks! I'll post it 🙂

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