Story Switching and Writer’s Block Prevention

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So after completing the first half of Wraith: A Short Story and self-pubbing it with other short stories in Dreams Both Real and Strange- I hit a rut.  Part of it is that my mind just needs a break after being on razor-edge focus.  The other part was the anxiety of starting the second half of the story.

Don’t ask me why- but blank paper freaks me out.

So I took a break, read some other authors’ works, did some reviews, (which will be posted on ) and let myself slide into enjoying someone else’s sweat and blood and tears.

But, at long last, I started back at it.  I’m feeling pretty good about it so far.  I submitted the first section to my online writing group- we’ll see what kind of reception it gets while I work out some other shorts to accompany it.

Hopefully, I won’t suffer any more writer’s block and I’ll breeze through and finish Dreams Both Real and Strange2 ASAP.

One thing that does help my writer’s block- is switching between projects.  I noticed that if I get stuck on the plot of one story- sometimes switching to work on something else gets my writing flowing again.

I’m not sure why that is- but it has helped a lot.  I’ve written about 36k words in The Dragon’s Call.  My intention is to shoot for 90k in case I have to do any major editing or cutting. I expect that the finished product will be around 50k-80k words.

We’ll see. Now, back to the mill…gotta cook up some more words.

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