I’m in the middle of going back and editing what I’ve written of The Dragon’s Call.  And I’ve got to tell you that editing is not the funnest thing to do in the world :-/   I can definitely think of funner things to do.  Like ripping my hair out by the roots.  Or maybe stubbing my pinky toe on the hard metal corner of my couch. Or, I know, going back and re-reading those chemistry books from college (no offense to those of you who actually like chemistry!)

Yea. Hopefully you get the point lol.

In any case, I’ve been thinking hard.  What draws in a reader to a book?  The experts have varying opinions: dynamic characters, exciting fast-paced plots, complex world building etc…  This is something I’m constantly trying to explore.

I’ve grabbed some of my books: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint, Dynamic Characters, and Plot & Structure to continue delving into what pulls a reader into the story.

What draws you in as a reader?  What do you love to write if you’re a writer?

Let me know 🙂

2 Responses to “Editing…Ugh!”

  1. I like well written plots, characters I can relate to, and a significant amount of action.Currently, I write in response to various prompt sites, though not recently. Most of my shorts have a moral of some kind.

  2. K.W. McCabe says:

    I've noticed that my tastes run towards complex plots, deep characters and action also- if there's no action (this can also be complex interactions between characters,) then I get bored quickly.If you have time- what kind of prompt sites???

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