Blah Days….

Have you ever had a “blah day?”  You know, those days where you should be doing something productive- you even have a list in your head of all the things you could be doing…and blah.  No motivation to do them.  No interest in trying.  Just…blah.

Yeah.  I’m sort of there right now, blah. 

I was reading some articles that suggested ways to force your motivation- and it sounded good…but…

I think I’ll try it later.  Maybe, when I’m not so blah.

Hopefully, I’ll get out of this rut and feel like doing something.  Maybe even getting some writing done.


Wish me luck- I know I’ll stop #procrastinating soon.

4 Responses to “Blah Days….”

  1. You wrote a blog post, though! That's something! Yea!!!I totally get this 'blahness' – totally. Like, I totally understand it and I totally get it. In fact, I've been W/O motivation for quite a while now. Hoping to dig out of it soon!!

  2. K.W. McCabe says:

    @Lisa I know- I did right? lol. Maybe the "blahs" will go away soon 🙂

  3. I have been experiencing a lot of blah days lately. It's the winter for me. I don't like the cold. But then when spring arrives I want to be outdoors planting and cleaning up the yard and enjoying the sunshine. So I don't get any writing done even when the days aren't so blah. I think I need a swift kick in the pants!

  4. K.W. McCabe says:

    @Cordelia I know what you mean about the cold. Moving from Cali to MN was probably the worst thing to do in the middle of winter! I have the tendency to hibernate when it gets too cold and then all productivity goes down the drain >.<

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