Are You Serious?

I just read an article by Author Kristen Lamb called, Don’t Eat The Butt- Lies That Can Poison Our Writing Career and in it she makes a very important point:  How can anyone else in our lives take us seriously as writers- if we don’t take ourselves seriously?

This hit me as a very deep point.  How many times have I gotten distracted by something that had nothing to do with writing, or researching something for one of my works?  Too many times!  It is all too easy to get distracted when we haven’t created that boundary for ourselves.

Alot of times, what creates this difficulty is plain old procrastination. Antoine Carriere discusses this in his online post on Google+ titled, How to (fight) turn procrastination to your advantage.  He made several points, but two of the ones that struck me most were key part 2 and action point 3.

I start to procrastinate when the project begins to feel too large.  I also start to procrastinate when I can’t figure out how to write the scene that’s stuck in my head.  Sometimes, this is because I’ve made the scene more complicated than it needs to be.  Other times, it’s because I can’t get the dialogue to sound the way it should.

Whatever it is- and no matter what the project- finding out what makes you overwhelmed and what causes you to procrastinate and then creating solid boundaries is important in overcoming these obstacles to your writing career.

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