Review: Beautiful: An Urban Fantasy by Joshua Guess

Review: Beautiful: An Urban Fantasy 4 out of 5 stars

Dan leads a pretty normal life: he works in a nursing home, makes nice with his coworkers, and cherishes his wife, Anna. Dan and Anna have an open relationship; with Anna’s permission, he persues Gabrielle, his sexy coworker.

As a result of their dalliance, Gabrielle feels protective towards him and his wife. The following day, during what was supposed to be a routine morning at work, a gunman tries to rob the nursing home. Dan enters into the scene and Gabrielle goes into a protective vampiric rage that ends in a cold-blooded killing which changes Dan’s life forever.

From then on Dan must learn what he means to a society of vampires at war with one another and what, exactly, is his place in a community full of beings that could crush him with like a bug. He must understand who he is, become who he is supposed to be, and move into his destiny.

I purchased Beautiful: An Urban Legend on Amazon during it’s free download period. I was a little bit skeptical- I’ve come across alot of junk lately- but I was pleasantly surprised. I was originally going to give this story three stars: it does alot of over-explaining of Dan’s thought process- a technique which I found a little irritating as I had figured out most of the reasons why he took certain actions without his needing to explain it to me. There were also some typos and a few strange sentence structure issues as well.

But by the end of the book- I was smiling. Now, this is my own personal reaction to the story. Anyone else might find they enjoyed it less or more than I did. But I couldn’t bring myself to give it three stars just based on grammar when I enjoyed it so much that I was smiling at the end.

Dan’s character was likeable, his interactions with his wife were endearing, and although I was a little skeptical about the open relationship- it was tastefully done. His excursions into the paranormal world were believable, the climax to the story was satisfying and I’m actually looking forward to the next tale with Dan, Anna, and Gabrielle.

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