Google+ vs Facebook: Kicking @$$ on the Internet Part II

So it’s been exactly a month and 2 days since I posted the first article Google+ vs Facebook: Kicking @$$ on the Internet.  And I have to say that my predictions were correct.
I predicted that on Google + my rate of personal connections with others would multiply at a much faster rate than my Facebook account.
I was also very certain that with the higher rate of connections developed with Google+ – I would have a better rate of response for my product (book.) 
In both cases, I was correct.  Taking a look at my Google+ account- I now have over 2600+ people who have added me in their circles. This does not include all the people I have added in my circles- 4819.  All of these people have access to my posts and can see whatever information, articles, ideas I post in their stream.
If you take a look at my Facebook account- I only have 678 people who have added me or accepted my friendship. This does not include the groups that I am a member of who can sometimes see my posts.
When I have utilized both Facebook and Google+ to advertise my ideas/products- Google+ has provided far more hits than Facebook on a daily basis.
My conclusion is that Google+, if used correctly, provides a much better platform to advertise your ideas.
One cautionary note: With any social network platform it is important to post interesting topics that draw people in.  Posting constant advertisements only pushes away people who might otherwise be interested in what you have to offer. People want to get to know you. Make certain to post things that show your personality and you will be certain to draw people who appreciate you and what you have to offer.

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  1. My numbers are nowhere close to those but I do enjoy G+ more than FB. I wonder if my experience is common for older people. I got on FB because of my kids and being able to see pics of grandkids. I mostly connected with relatives and some old co-workers and school friends. G+ comes along with it's twitter like following feature and I start to connect/follow all types of people with similar interests. Do you think G+ is used differently than FB?

  2. K.W. McCabe says:

    @Bill I think that it's used differently from Facebook because the stream is what differentiates it from Facebook.You can go on Facebook and finish everything you have to do in about thirty minutes(most likely less.) On Google+ you can literally be stuck for hours interacting with content from other people.If nothing else, Google+ is definitely more addictive lol

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