And They Go Marching One by One…

So, someone was gracious enough to post another review for Dreams Both Real and Strange and Dreams Both Real and Strange II. Thanks so much!
But it makes me wonder… What makes one read more enjoyable than another? What makes one reader love it less (or more,) than the next?
What drives a reader to continue reading and maybe wish for more- and others to be satisfied (or not,) with what they’ve read?
This is the question that plagues me daily.  
If you have some thoughts let me know lol.

2 Responses to “And They Go Marching One by One…”

  1. Francene says:

    For me, the characters are the main draw. If I love the characters, I'll go anywhere with them. Of course, the plot needs to involve me and the writing must flow.

  2. K.W. McCabe says:

    @Francene Thanks šŸ™‚ Characters are important to me to- if I hate a character, it's hard for me to like the plot.

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