Poetry and Practicality

I really like the picture above- found it on Livebinders.  It totally expresses exactly what I feel when I’m writing poetry- or just writing because the words are pushing against my insides bursting to come out.  I know- sounds painful lol.

But that’s how it often feels for me: an ache- an itch. A burning need to let the blood of my heart flow into inky blackness on the page.

But with all things comes the practical side: the need for someone to actually like what I wrote! Not just because I need someone to be touched by my words the way I am when I write them- but because it’s a way of connecting with the reader in a way that is not possible in life:  Capturing, through the imagination, the reader’s full, undivided attention for a short space in time. Or, at least, that is what all writers hope and ache for lol.

And for that- I have to have reviews. (Yes, I know- the icy splash of reality hits lol.)

So, at the moment- I’m desperately looking for someone to review Fantasies of the Waking Dreamer.

Anyone kind enough to post a review (no matter how horrible it is!) can find it at these locations:

Smashwords (download it for free here first before posting review on amazon!)

Thanks so much!

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