Writer’s Breaks and Once Upon A Time

So I’ve been taking a “Writer’s Break” for the last two days- and I have to say- it’s been awesome! Just resting, relaxing, and enjoying new things. New things are imperative to refill any artist’s creativity tank.
During my writer’s break I ate snacks, lounged around, and watched “Once Upon A Time.” And I took the writer’s break specifically to watch this show.
And, truthfully, it’s a fantasy writer’s secret dream-fulfilling-orgy of every single fairytale you’ve ever read coming together in one awesome culmination of t.v. viewing pleasure.
Now, as a sci fi/fantasy writer I might be biased, but I feel the show is brilliant. I wish I had been the person to write that show- not that I’m interested in screenwriting at all- but that show is a masterpiece. Others might not agree- but I spent two entire days watching every single show from the Pilot to episode 9 and I’m aching for more!
I really can’t gush about that show enough. Can’t wait for Sunday.

6 Responses to “Writer’s Breaks and Once Upon A Time”

  1. Kai Strand says:

    I'm a OUAT fan too! I squealed like a school girl when they randomly followed me on Twitter. Like you, wish I'd written it. But I'd love to be on an episode and it isn't like I'm an actor or anything.

  2. K.W. McCabe says:

    @Kai wow- they followed you on twitter?! How did that happen- I wish they'd follow me lol

  3. Katie says:

    I love this series!! I was so glad that they have started a new fairytale trend lately they have been coming out with some great books and shows. My favorite episode so far has to be Skin Deep. Rumpelstiltskin is an amazing character(:

  4. K.W. McCabe says:

    @KatieSkin Deep is my favorite too- who knew Rumpelstiltskin was so deep? Well…we all did- but who knew he loved BELLE?!

  5. A.D. Duling says:

    I confess, I am a fan…love it, my favorite one was….man hmmm. I think the genie one…twitter followed by Once upon a time…amazing!! lucky! Sooo jealous! :0)

  6. K.W. McCabe says:

    @A.D. Duling I'm starting to think that all "us" fantasy writers are in love with that show lol

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