Google+ and the Indie Uprising

I’ve read many posts lately from various authors commenting on the changes in Amazon’s algorithms.

Not only that, but on top of the changes Amazon has made – Facebook has changed their policies on regarding self-promo.

And one thing has become clear:

The face of the Indie Revolution is changing yet again.

Amazon’s change in how their algorithms help indies  and Facebook’s change in their self-promo policies do not have to spell the end of the Indie Revolution. What indies must now do, is change the way they think about how they offer their books.

And the amount of determination writers put into this process will distinguish those who make it and those who don’t.

After reading several of these articles, many things have become clear:

  1. The social media world is changing and indies who want to be able to get their content out to readers for free must change the platforms they utilize.
  2. The self-publishing industry is changing and indies who do not want to be left behind must diversify their self-publishing platforms.

“But how?!” you ask.

I’ll tell you.

First, if you do not have a Google + account – GET ONE NOW.

I posted some time ago an experiment I performed comparing the connections I was able to make on Facebook vs the amount of connections I made on Google+  Read Part I and Part II

And if you take a look at both my Facebook and Google+ account today, you will see that my conclusion still holds true.

“What the hell does this have to do with Facebook charging me for self-promo?!” you ask.

I’ll tell you.

Facebook may charge for self-promo – but Google + does not.

AND Google + out-performs Facebook in the ability to create a multitude of connections – if used correctly.

I won’t go into discussing how to use Google+ correctly at the moment, as I already have discussed this in other posts.

Once you have looked into using free social media platforms to get yourself out there, it is important to go on to the next step as an indie author:

Indie authors must diversify their self-publishing platforms, and here’s how:

  1. Begin to aggressively advertise the selling of your books on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.
  2. See point 1.

Too many authors are still utilizing the KDP Select program in Amazon when, truthfully, the glory days of that program are in the past.

Indie authors must begin to aggressively advertise their books on other platforms if they don’t want to be financially dependent on a indie-destroying-giant Amazon’s ever-changing algorithms.


I’ll say it again because it can not be emphasized too many times:

  1. Get a Google+ account now.
  2. Aggressively advertise your books on other self-publishing platforms.

Write on – and as a responder on someone else’s blog aptly stated, “May the algos be ever in your favor.”

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