What’s Up With That Price-Match???


I’ve been trying for some time to get Dreams Both Real and Strange I posted as FREE on Amazon.

Unfortunately, Amazon, engaged in their downward spiraling tred of doom, is not being quite as helpful as they once were.

While both Barnes and Noble and Kobo have complied with my request to make Dreams Both Real and Strange I Free, Amazon still has not.

In fact, when I sent an email to the KDP dept., this was the letter I received in response:


Kindle Direct Publishing

Dec 1 (3 days ago)

to me

Thank you for your information on pricing. From time to time, we may match free promotions on other sales channels, but we retain discretion over our retail prices.
In the future, you can let us know about lower prices through our website by clicking the link to “Tell us about a lower price” under the “Product Details” section for your title.
Thanks for using KDP.
If you need to provide us with more information about this issue, please Reply to this e-mail.
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Pratheep S
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—- Original message: —-
Publisher Code: A20QBMRXHZNCRS
Customer Name: K W MCCABE
Subject: Book Price Matching
My book Dreams Both Real and Strange ASIN: B0068YY3EG is available for free on Barnes and Nobles here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dreams-both-real-and-strange-kw-mccabe/1107874091?ean=2940032877684
I would like the price to be changed to free both here and on the amazon.co.uk site as well please.




Ah well, Amazon. The love I once had for you has diminished, me thinks….

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