Indie Authors Project Holiday Giveaway

I’ve had the lovely chance to team up with some other authors for the Indie Author Project Holiday Giveaway.

It runs from December 10th and ending December 31st. There will be a giveaway from each author listed below along with the Grand Prize Drawing:

First Drawing: December 31st – Winners will be selected from each author’s rafflecopter.
Grand Prize Drawing: January 1st – Winners will be selected from the main page’s rafflecopter.

Check out the entry page to the giveaway here.

The awesome authors who’ve joined in the project are below!




Kara Tollman

Twitter: @KaraTollam

Jilted available on Amazon:


Author of Jilted:



K.W. McCabe

Twitter: @kw_mccabe



Valerie Bowen

Twitter: @226val


KaNeshia Michelle

Twitter: @knamichelle



Dennis Moore

Twitter: @dennismoore2

Author of Scattered to the Four Winds:

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  1. aerstad says:

    thank you for the awesome giveaways

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