Hugh Jackman’s Awesomeness



I just wanted to wax into verbosity for a moment on just how awesome Hugh Jackman is. I had the lovely opportunity to watch Les Miserables, then ended up on an all day Hugh Jackman Marathon. Les Miserables was stunning. Hearing Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Amanda Seyfried burst spontaneously into song surprised me and took a moment to get used to, but once I did…goose bumps.


I would really be hard put to recall when last I saw such affecting performances. I cried for at least 90% of the movie. Now, admittedly, I am a softy when it comes to tear-jerking scenes – but that does absolutely nothing to negate just how wonderful their performances were. That movie deserved the accolades it received – I give it 4 stars only because I had a headache from crying so hard by the time it was through.


I went on to watch Real Steel. This movie was a heart-warmer. Watching Hugh Jackman play a dead-beat, irresponsible, impulsive loser was definitely a role I’m not used to seeing him in. I got my first taste of Hugh-Jackman-Awesomeness when I watched him play Wolverine in Xmen, and Gabriel Van Helsing in Van Helsing, (which BTW are both equally awesome movies). So his performance as Charlie Kenton in Real Steel caught me off guard. I enjoyed watching his transformation from a cowardly jerk who sells off his son for 50k – into a man who slowly changes into something more on a summer-long, robot-boxing, road-trip with that same son.


I do have to say that the storyline was pretty predictable – nothing happened in the general plot that surprised me, but the ending was cheering and heart-warming and, really, what else could you ask for on a cold, snowy night? I give Real Steel 3.5 stars.


Finally, I capped off the night with Kate & Leopold. May I get off track for a moment by saying just how much I miss Meg Ryan? What happened?! Sleepless in Seattle was one of the greatest movies (I think) in its time! Ok – back on subject. Hugh Jackman. Awesome. Loved his performance as a duke dragged forward in time.








Can I just say that the thought that Kate dating what was technically her great, great grandson CREEPED ME THE &%^! OUT!

That’s just wrong on soooo many levels!

Ok, done.

Loved the movie – but that not-very-well-thought-out incest dropped the movie to a 3 star for me.  Just saying.


Still, that in no way negates Hugh Jackman’s awesomeness.


He’s awesome.

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