Slowly but…well, at-least it’s coming along!

So, I believe I posted a million years ago about the progress of Dragon Kin and The Dragon Throne.


Unfortunately, as the site is still in a largely discombobulated state of being, I have yet to find said post.


However, I would like to say that initially I had completed Dragon Kin and was about a third of the way through The Dragon Throne. The reason why I hadn’t published Dragon Kin was because it was less than 60k words, which was much too short for a second installment in a trilogy. I was going to wait until I had completed The Dragon Throne, and then publish both the Dragon Kin and The Dragon Throne together under a different title as a completion to Cecily’s story.


The long time period between then and now has actually revised my plan. Many of my life and work experiences during that time have given me a different perspective on Cecily’s situation. I will be rewriting Dragon Kin and The Dragon Throne and adding much more substance which, hopefully, will lead to at least another 5-10k words in Dragon Kin. If I can at least reach 60k words, which shouldn’t be hard considering I’m now at 58k for Dragon Kin, I’ll finally be able to publish the second installment.


I’m not certain how long that will take, though. I’m writing EXTREMELY slowly. I’m in the middle of job searching, and I have two children who demand my absolute attention.


So, please have patience with me (I know you’ve had tons already,) and wish me luck!


Dragon Kin Progress

58,738/60,000 words







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