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I’ve been thinking for the past couple weeks on the pros and cons of merging my personal Facebook account with my author account. The reason I did not do this at first was mainly because of privacy issues and not really being certain that I wanted the public to know who I was as an individual outside of my writing. I didn’t want images of my private life to create biases or assumptions about who I was as a writer.


However, I’ve been in this for awhile now – I’ve been writing and selling my stories, poems and books since 2011 – and I think I’m over that.


I feel that my work has been out there and available enough to where I’ve received enough reviews of my work that were based on only that: my abilities as a writer and not who I am as an individual.


I’ve also noticed that during the year and a half I took as a hiatus from writing, my sales fluctuated solely on when I was able to put myself out there as an author. Making myself available as an author was difficult to do this with two separate accounts, mainly because that kind of commitment takes some serious time and energy that I could not devote to two accounts equally.


I’ve given it some thought, and even gathered some advice from other authors here: Facebook merger


As a result, I’ve decided that the best way to continue to be available as an author, and still devote time to other personal activities on Facebook without taking much-needed time away from writing is to merge my accounts. I’ll be actively in the process of doing this until the information I need is completely merged in the manner I feel necessary. When that is completed, I will have only 1 account.


Those of you that know me personally might be surprised to discover that I write and sell books. Those of you that know me only as an author might be surprised to discover anything at all about me personally.


I hope that this is a positive action that I’m taking as I will not be able to reverse it once it’s completed. If not, then I guess it will be a lesson learned.


Que sera, sera.


Wish me luck!

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