Facebook Merger 2


So, I’ve completed merging both my personal and my author account on facebook.


The results of this have been positive so far, though it’s only been a few weeks, so it’s very likely I’ll still come to regret merging both accounts.


My author account was far larger than my personal account, so I requested all friends and family from my personal account to add my author account. From there, I restricted alot of pictures and personal information to be viewed only by friends and family in a small list that I created.


So far, I’m enjoying the results: I’m able to interact with friends and family, and still devote time to interacting with other authors, readers, and reviewers in my network. This saves an extraordinary amount of time, as before the merger I would have to log in and out of two separate accounts.


The only downside I’ve seen so far, is that now that I have some personal information on the account, I feel much more cautious about who I request and/or accept friendship requests from. I’ve had one or two instances where one or two persons repeatedly overstepped clear boundaries in communication that I had set, and I was forced to delete them. Since then, I make certain to do a cursory screening of each person who reaches out to me.


This, along with the fact that I synchronized kwmmcabe.org with twitter, google+, and facebook, has created a very streamlined and dynamic way of interacting with each of my networks on the web.


The next step is getting myself off the web to go write.


Wish me luck! I need it.  :-/


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