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The countdown to the Poems, Lyrics, Psalmos: Wooing Muse Book Launch Party continues, and in the meantime, I’m having tons of fun interviewing some pretty awesome authors. Next up on our list of must-read authors, is Nancy Loyan! She has a large listing of B – E – A – U – T – FULLY covered romance novels ^.^

So, without further adieu, here we go!


When did you first decide you wanted to write?  

I have been writing since composing picture books for friends in elementary school. It is something I have always done, like breathing.


 What is your favorite genre to read and/or write?

I don’t have a favorite genre, per se. I enjoy women’s fiction and single title romance.  As a teen, I devoured Barbara Cartland’s historical novels, gravitated toward Sidney Sheldon, James Michener, Arthur Haley, Jacqueline Suzanne, early Danielle Steel (The Promise, Fine Things), and Nora Roberts.  I like plot, characterization, setting and, of course “happily ever after.”


Do you have a favorite author?

I really don’t follow authors but prefer to read books that seem interesting to me.  I like to read different styles with different approaches. Variety is the spice of life.


What was it like writing  A Kiss in the Rain?

This is my latest novel, to be released on May 25. It is special because it’s my first complete foray into the realm of self-publishing and because it takes place at my favorite location in the United States, The Chautauqua Institution in New York State. It’s a romantic suspense featuring an F.B.I. agent and an innkeeper.


 Is there something you want to write about, that you haven’t yet?

There isn’t one thing. I actually have a file of ideas. One novel at a time …


 What is one silly fact about you?

Superman and I have a lot in common.  We are both from Cleveland, Ohio. By day, we are bespectacled writers. At night, he transforms into Superman. I transform into the exotic Nailah, Middle Eastern belly dancer.


 Do you have a favorite character you have written so far?

I love all of my characters. However, Philippe, the hero in Champagne for Breakfast is close to my heart.  Because I began writing the novel when I was seventeen, I created him as my ideal man and still view him as such.


Is your writing influenced by people in your life?

Sometimes. I’ll take bits and pieces from people I know or meet. My writing is probably more influenced by my travels. I like to incorporate interesting locations into my novels. My characters actually create themselves as I write my books. They “talk” to me, reveal themselves and lead the plot.


Thanks for agreeing to do this! Anything you want to say to the readers of my blog? 

First, thank you for having me as your guest.  I would just like to say that being an author is an honor, a “real” job and profession. The arts are important. People will always need a respite from the bad news and sadness of life. The arts … music, dance, photography, painting, and books offer such an escape. Society seems to put so much value on science, math, analytics but the arts are equally as important. Creativity is a gift that should be shared and not stifled.  I write “fairy tales for adults” because I believe in “happily ever after.”




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