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Poems, Lyrics, Psalmos: Wooing Muse



Everything’s starting to gel as the day of the Poems, Lyrics, Psalmos: Wooing Muse Book Launch event grows closer.

Barnes and Noble FINALLY posted up the book. It took a full 24 hours after I submitted the document for it to be processed. I took a moment to calculate which sites publish works the fastest and, so far, here are the winners:

Smashwords wins 1st place with a lightening fast turn around time of less than 10min.

Amazon takes second place with a publishing time of around 4-5hours.

Barnes and Nobles takes third at a full 24hours.

Kobo, sadly, takes last place – the book hasn’t even posted yet after 24hours.


Whenever Kobo gets around to finally decide to take the moment to actually publish my book – I’ll let you know.

I’ve also done a little remodeling of the site. I’ve created an Interviews page where you can go back and check out all the authors and musicians I’ve interviewed over the lifetime of this blog. The Books tab has been merged with the Author tab, and I’ve also included a listing of works in progress that you can check out. Make sure to take a sec and read the excerpt for Dawn of the Dead.

In any case, the giveaway is still revving to go! Feel free to check it out below ^.^


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