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I’ve passed 84k words in The Dragon Throne, but I still haven’t finished. I am clearing the beginning mark to the last end of the book, though. I have only 7 scenes to write before I hit the very 5-6 scenes at the very end of Cecily and Derek’s story. At least, that’s the plan. Once I’ve completed that, then comes the editing process which takes awhile and is as painful as actually writing the story, if not more so.


I’ve been lucky enough to contact wonderful artists over the length of this duology, and I came in contact with another extremely talented artist who seemed interested in redoing the cover for The Dragon’s Call, and creating the cover for The Dragon Throne. Needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled ^.^


Cover creation is an extremely lengthy, time-consuming process, and while I can create covers, and enjoy doing so, time dictates that I focus my efforts on writing and completing the story instead of cover-making. To this end, I’m consuming large amounts of coffee and propping my eyes open with tooth-picks to get this finished. (Ok, only the coffee part is true!)


Meanwhile, help yourself to the giveaway below, and wish me luck! ^.^

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