The Dragon Throne



So, here’s the update! While I do have to apologize for not updating the cover for The Dragon Throne, I do have good news ^.^


An awesome cover artist is reworking the feel for the first book The Dragon’s Call which, I’m told, will be completed within the next few weeks! Yay!


Meanwhile, I’ve completed over 101k words, and I’m hoping to complete the book in another 5k.


Now, here’s the thing. If I’m unable to finish the book completely in 5k words, if I go over into 110k words or more (which I don’t think will happen, but you never know,) I will split the book in two. I won’t know until I’ve finished the book completely, because once I complete the rough draft and go through edits, I’m liable to lose as much as 5-7k words – or gain the same amount. So, I’ll keep updating through completion of the book and edits.


Until then, if you’re desperate for something to read – check out some short stories HERE



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