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I’m back again with a review of Sarah King’s sequel Zero Recall! If you’d like to see my review of the first book in Zero’s series, check it out HERE.


Like I mentioned in my review of Forging Zero, the sequel is even better. I feel that my experience of reading this novel is better than the first mainly because there are fewer flow hiccups than in the first book. That is not to say that the storyline doesn’t backtrack – there are moments where the storyline moves forward and back on the continuum – but, to me, the storyline didn’t feel interrupted.


In any case, Joe Dobbs a.k.a. Zero is recalled by his arch nemesis Maggie who does her best throughout the book to make his life miserable. Joe’s storyline and objectives in this book are interwoven (outside his view for most of the book) with the storyline and objectives of an alien called Forgotten. The story archs of several of the characters interweave and interact with each other in such a way that after you’ve read the book once, reading it again will make the entire complexity of the story snap into focus.


I enjoyed the story itself. I did read some reviews of other readers who absolutely hated Joe in this book, and upon introspection I could see why. Joe is not a gentle character. However, I read the book from a perspective that kept in mind his traumatic training in warfare in the first book Forging Zero. When you keep that mind, I think you’ll be able to weigh his faults against his more positive qualities and abilities in bringing together the varying alien species in his group.


The story gripped my attention – I didn’t put it down until I’d read it completely. The flow felt much more smooth and the transitions back and forth across the story timeline felt appropriate. A great read and I made certain to pick up the third book, Zero Returns as well ^.^

4 out of 5 stars

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