Beta Readers! #amwriting ^.^



So, I’m looking for beta readers for the first part of the sequel to The Dragon’s Call. I’m in the process of refining the plot and picking out plot holes to correct, so I’m nowhere near finished with editing. This is literally just the beginning. Hopefully this process will go quickly. I’m completing the very last end of the second part of the sequel, and I hope to have it complete soon.


The ironic thing, at least for me, is that the end of a book is always the hardest for me to write. Not because I don’t know the end, but because I do. Writing the end of a story is always hardest for me because I’m ending the my time with the characters that I’ve spent so much time with. They become real to me in a way that’s hard to let go.


Writer’s block usually hits around this time in a bad way. I know what I need to write. I know what the scenes look like. I know what the characters say…


I don’t want it to end, and I know that it has to.


So, right now I’m eeking out word by word, scene by scene, struggling to write this and finish it, to end it.


Wish me luck.

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