Creating Emotions


I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating lately on how art, music and writing affect us emotionally and physically. As a writer, I want my readers to connect with what my characters feel. The Editor’s Blog discusses several techniques for causing readers to feel what the characters feel, but I wanted to understand what causes the connection.


Have you ever read a story and cried because what happened hurt you as though you were living the character’s experience? Have you ever listened to a song and goosebumps rose along your arms because the song touched something unnameable within you? Have you ever looked at a painting or watched a scene in a movie and inside, some part of you said, yes, this.


I think this reaction within us happens because the creator, writer or artist has touched something innate to human existence. Whether joy, pain, or rage – that creator has touched on a fundamental truth.


Those moments are so precious and difficult to attain because, in the end, how do you articulate emotions that most people don’t have the ability to verbalize?


Not only that, everyone is unique, so the art that might touch one person, might not translate to another.


For me, that moment happened this week with Taylor Swift’s song Bad Blood. I especially loved the line Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes. So true ^.^


Now, I’m left trying to analyze how to translate those same goosebumps onto paper in a way that readers can experience viscerally.


So, back to the drawing board.


Wish me luck.

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  1. Yes to all of the above! 😀 My advice would be to show this emotion rather than tell to make it realistic 🙂 I wrote a blog post about this that might be of some help.

    Good luck!

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