When Things Are Unclear



It’s been 21 days since the night my husband went missing.


The circumstances surrounding that night are confusing, to say the least.


There are times when the whole thing seems unreal. The irony of the situation cuts deep when others comment that his disappearance sounds like a book or a movie, because though I’m a writer – this is my life.


I had to halt editing Dragon Kin as I have been consumed with talking to investigators, and I’m uncertain when I’ll be able to restart.


I hope this ends soon, that my husband is found, and that my daughters’ tiny, protected worlds are made right again.

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  1. Kalysta Rose says:

    How aweful. Because you are a writer when I began to read this post I thought you may be setting up for a story coming out, but as soon as I realised this was your real life all I could think was how you must be feeling in dealing with this tragedy. Especially for your little ones.

    I hope he is found soon and you get your life back on track. In the meantime, I’m sending you a boost of strong energy to help you get through the day. Stay strong, keep going one breath at a time for you and your girls.

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