Price and portions, people!




Time for a foodie review!


So, on my birthday I went looking for a restaurant and decided on my favorite of all food: Ethiopian. Unfortunately, I got a little turned around and ended up at a place I’ve never eaten at before called Café Colucci. Oh boy, was I in for a rude surprise!


These people are ripping you off if you eat here! I’ve eaten at Ethiopian restaurants all my life, and I’ve never seen anything as ridiculous as the portion size vs price at this place. $15.95 for the tiniest plate ever! If you want to eat good Ethiopian food – GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.


That is exactly what I chose to do.


I drove about half a mile and ended up at a different, cosy little restaurant called Café Eritrea D’Afrique. The amount and quality of food you get for an even better price is superb! Or, if you like, try out Addis restaurant on Telegraph. Their food is just as amazing for the price.


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