Priests of Piracy?




So, while scanning the internet for interesting reads, I stumbled upon one of my works posted up on a random free-to-download site. I felt somewhat conflicted at first. I mean while the site had not asked for my permission, to view my novel posted up for everyone to see essentially giving me free advertisement was, if you’ll excuse the play on words, novel.


While mulling over this turn of events, I googled piracy sites and eventually came to the most interesting article on piracy I have ever encountered. In it the writer of the article interviews the priests of a religion focused on piracy.


Piracy as a religion?


The idea seems tongue-in-cheek at first, but if you continue reading you begin to wonder if the members of such a church are in earnest.


And if so, what does this mean for the writers and creators of the content being pirated?


The religion claims that these self-proclaimed priests of piracy a.k.a. “kopimists,” believe in no god…


But if their religion is the spreading of information then aren’t we, the authors of such information, either avatars – or gods?


Interesting to say the least.


Check it out HERE.




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