Crit1Sub1: Week 1



So this is week1 of my Crit1Sub1 personal writing challenge, and so far I’ve critted twice and subbed one flash fiction piece I call Halloween Horror.

Feel free to read it below!


Halloween Horror

Bump… Bump… Bump…
Seth strained to hear the footsteps he knew were coming after him in the dark, but all he could hear was the drum beating in his chest and the sound of far off whimpers fading into silence.
He shuddered, exhaling as quietly as possible, his breath a soft cloud whooshing into frigid night.
The shadowed ground just underneath him glinted, strewn with a bright array of scattered candies. His knuckles ached as his fists clenched around the crumpled orange and black paper bag. Somehow, though he’d left Samantha behind, he’d been unable to let go of the bag.
Did that make him a bad person?
No, he thought.
But the secret relief that it had been her, and not him, did.

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