Crit1Sub1: Week 2!


Today marks week 2 of my Crit1Sub1 challenge!

So far, pushing myself to write a sub each week feels good. The max amount of words for each week is only 400 words, which is perfect. There is absolutely no way to feel intimidated by a writing assignment that tells you not to write more than 1/3 of a page!

It’s also a really great feeling to be able to connect with authors who are piecing together their own work.

Getting back into the writing rhythm has led me to think more on The Dragon Throne series, along with the best way to connect with more readers. Many of the ways that writers connect with readers involve connecting with book review blogs and doing book tours, but I really want to find out a more organic way of connecting – if there even is one. Toward this end, I listened to a conference which stated that the problem is how to market the product.

As a reader and writer the very idea of thinking of books in that way hurts my bookworm soul, but that’s exactly how the traditional publishing companies think.

That’s even how Amazon thinks.

Why, as authors, don’t we think this way?



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