Dawn of the Dead: Prologue






I decided to post up the prologue to a story I’m working on – hope you enjoy!




I lowered my head and walked faster. Maybe if I pretended I didn’t hear or see anything…


I bit my lip as my chest started to ache with the tug of power. It always felt like this. Always.


The feeling of maggots crawling under my skin made me shudder as the magic grew. I…didn’t…want…to…look.


I turned against my will. The bloody specter of a girl stood in the street, cars passing through her shadowed form.

“Hurry, she’s dying,” the girl whispered. Her eyes were black holes of sadness; the rank wind of death flowed from her shadow.

“What is the price this time?” There was always a price. Necromancy was thought dark for a reason.

“You will lose someone you love.”

I sucked in my breath, choking on a despairing laugh. The price was almost never this high. “What is the point, then?”

“You will save someone you love.”

I froze. Then I ran.

It took three hours for them to pull my little sister, Christy, from the wreck. I got there in time to save my mom – but the car had fallen on the passenger side, mangling the door, and crushing Christy. My mom would have bled to death if I had not appeared when I did, but Christy was dead. The specter had followed me all morning, calling me. I had ignored her, not wanting to pay the price our interaction would cost.

Never again will I ignore their call.

The price is too damn high.

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