The Day After #2016




Talk about unbelievable and momentous events.

In the aftermath of the election, (or, if you didn’t vote for the President Elect, it might feel somewhat like a bloodbath,) people all across America, no matter their affiliation or lean are trying to see the way forward in a new era.

There have been some wonderful moments, moments where fellow Americans drag themselves up by their bootstraps, and pledge to remember that we are all Americans, even if we don’t like how our fellow patriots voted.

Then there are uglier moments, moments where the darkness shows through.

Moments like these:

screenshot_20161109-104854 screenshot_20161109-115805 screenshot_20161109-115818 screenshot_20161109-115840 screenshot_20161109-115851


Needless to say that the divide in this country is deep and wide. Let’s see how the next four years play out.

Wish us all some luck.

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