State of The Author

I have recently had the chance to go through old contact messages I’ve received from various readers, and most of them made me wince in shame and appall.


If you’ve had the chance to read any of the blog posts,  my life has gone through periodic stages of upheaval.


This has not changed.


However, that does not absolve me of my great, unforgivable sin: that of seeming to have abandoned my story.


I assure you I have not done this…I still hold great resentment against some authors that abandoned stories I was reading avidly. I haven’t forgiven them to this day.


In response to readers who have queried me regarding Cecily’s story, I am posting this letter below.





I’m very sorry for the utterly excusable, extremely late reply. But I do want to thank you for your question. I didn’t respond when I first saw your message because, to be utterly honest with you, I was swamped with life… but ashamed that I had let those down who were waiting for the next book in the series.

I have now completed the trilogy.
The second book, Dragon Kin is still going through editing, and the third,  The Dragon Throne, is still going through revisions.
I hope that when they are published they won’t disappoint you more than the long wait for them already has.
Thank you for your patience with me and this series,
KW McCabe



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