Dark Whispers

Sometimes life can seem as though all darkness is endless, that everything in life and the universe is bearing down on you to smother you into eternal pain and darkness. And, the truth is, sometimes it is. 

How can you survive this? How can you survive when the darkness is so thick you cannot see through to the other side? It feels as though it will destroy you. Sometimes the pain is so thick and viscous that you may even desire that destruction. It feels like an end to eternal suffering.

But you must not give in to this.

You must not give in to the whisper in the night that says, You would be better if you weren’t here.

You must not give in to this whisper when it turns into a scream that howls, Why are you even here?

Do not listen.

Because the darkness will not bring peace.

Darkness only ever brings endless pain with your death.

If you are unable to push through this, if your energy and will has been slowly sucked away until you feel like a shell, you still must not give in.

I am a survivor of this darkness, and I can tell you that you can survive. But you must get help. You cannot do this alone.

Get help.

The whisper may tell you that no one would care if you were gone, that no one cares about you even now. Don’t listen to this whisper–it is a lie designed to obliterate any hope you might have left.

No man is an island, no matter how alone that person feels.

Your absence would send a shock and ripple through lives that you think would not be affected.

Do not listen to that whisper that lies.

Listen, instead, to this:

You may not feel it, but you are loved.

You may not believe it, but your presence is needed.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give in.

Get help.

National Suicide Hotline


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