What’s the price for fame?

What’s the price for fame? Does Money Talk?

K.W. McCabe

If you could choose to live a life of fame, would you? Many people would choose to be famous, however those who have actually gone from being unknown to having fame often state the downsides: lack of privacy, harassment by the media, being used by people for their fame, and being judged at a higher standard than they were used to prior to becoming famous.

Now, all of this can seem like baseless whining to those who don’t have fame and the associated power and influence that comes with it. Feeling as though the famous just don’t appreciate their good luck well enough can cause a lack of sympathy that might be unwarranted.

History has many examples of lives that were destroyed by their own fame: Princess Diana, John Belushi, Russell Armstrong, and many others. An example today is Meghan Markle and  Prince Harry who are constantly harassed and targeted by vitriolic media.

It goes without saying that there are innumerable benefits that come with being famous, however, there are downsides — real ones — that also accompany fame and fortune.

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