Would You Go On Reality TV?

Would you go on reality TV? Would you let millions of people inside your life…?

K.W. McCabe

On a daily basis, most people never think about what actions they take, the things they say or do. If most people really thought and considered that they are being judged by those around them, would they change their behaviors? Would they, perhaps, consider the things that they said more carefully?

Most people at some point have watched reality television. Watching these people on these shows can be extremely amusing — and it can also be troubling. Often, these people return to their daily lives after exposing some of the darkest parts of their character to the public — and it permanently affects how people they know perceive them. If they had truly considered the consequences of showing their lives on reality television — would they have done things differently?

As human beings, we need to think and consider the consequences of each action we take, each word that we say. We need to think of the consequences as though the whole world were watching us, because, in this day and age of social media — it’s possible that the whole world is. Consider the people caught on cellphone cameras committing ugly deeds — which then went viral. Perhaps if they thought about what the consequences of their actions, they might have responded differently.

Don’t wait until your actions have been filmed and gone viral to change the way you act, speak and behave. Behave as though the world was watching you at all times. Then you will not need to regret anything you’ve said or done.

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