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Light Skin vs Dark Skin

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Light Skin vs Dark Skin. Do you love the skin you are in?

Colorism. This is a topic that is not only difficult, but also sometimes taboo to discuss. Why is that? Because the very  roots of colorism has much to do with the painful history of the enslavement of people of color.  Native Americans, Africans, Japanese, Chinese and people of other racial descent were often enslaved on the basis that their skin was easily distinguished from the lighter skinned races.

The very shadow of that taint on history still plagues the preferences of our generation today. You still see darker skinned minorities lightening their skin.

However, you also see the lighter skinned races darkening their skin.

Why is that?

Have the ideals and characteristics of the races of darker shades developed an appeal to those of the lighter skinned races?

Are the darker skinned races completely unaware of the hatred of shade evidenced by their usage of skin-lightening products?

What is the psychology behind this act of lightening or darkening one’s flesh, altering the very essence of how one appears?

This is a difficult question to answer as it would seem there might be many different answers to these questions.

From the Kardashians being accused of darkening their skin, to famous singers and rappers lightening their skin, this seems to be a phenomenon much-entrenched in today’s society.

Much of this phenomenon, of course, has to do with what the media portrays as beautiful and desirable. You are desirable if you are not “too” dark. You are exotic or sexy if you are not “too” pale — and the evidence of this is that numerous skin tanning locations are spread across the country.

Again and again we see that women are told that the skin they are in is not acceptable. It must be lighter if it is “too” dark. Or, alternatively, it must be darker if it is “too” pale.

The only way to be free of this self-induced bondage to self-hate is to reject what the media portrays.

Your skin is beautiful no matter how light or dark. Embrace your body and who you are.

Don’t believe anyone or trust anything that tells you anything different.

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