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Finishing Touches

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

PJ Brown Construction

I’m finally back!


As you can see, the site is almost completed!


There are just a few finishing touches needed before I’m completely satisfied with its new look.


There have been many glitches and frustrating hours of work, so send me good vibes if you have any to spare ^.^


Meanwhile, week 3 of crit1sub1 passed by, and while I did crits – I slacked on the subs >.<


I’ll do better next week, I promise.


Wish me luck!


Site Alterations

Monday, May 2nd, 2016


PJ Brown Construction

I’ll be upgrading and tweaking the site over the next week or so, but all posts will be up and available.


If you see any UFO’s just ignore ^.^









Why YOU Should Learn Html and CSS

Monday, April 18th, 2016


I think the first question anyone who has no interest in coding would ask who sees this article’s title is, “Why should I? Why do something I have absolutely NO interest or aptitude in?”

Here is the answer:


If you have any interest at all in creating a solid internet presence, while you don’t have to know the basics of web design, it is the tool that will free you from website that will charge you $200 or more to design something that is fairly simple to do yourself.


Now, there are sites that create webpages for you for free, but they don’t always have the versatility you might want for the look you have in mind. And to get the look YOU WANT, you either have to hire a designer ($200-$400) or do it yourself (FREE!)


And if you intend to have a solid web presence, a sleek website is an absolute must.


The very basics of web design are based on a code called Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML.


I located and utilized several tutorials, all for free. Some sites include audio and visual, others include interactive worksheets. I’ve included a few links below.


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