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Countdown!…. Not really.

Saturday, March 19th, 2016




I’ve been able to get most of the site up and running except for some images that you might notice here and there that are no longer working. Oh well. The site should be completely finished by this time next week.


Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to come to terms with my new existence. It’s been difficult to write, but at least now the thought of writing isn’t unbearable anymore. So much of it was tied to my life with my husband – because of him I had the time to write and the ability to know that our family was taken care of.


Now, I’m living in the uncertainty of the unknown, and it’s difficult.


I wasn’t certain, at first, that I would even want to write ever again, but so much of who I am is tied up in the act of writing that I think I might have to be dead to give it up completely.




Here I go.


Wish me luck.





Saturday, December 5th, 2015



Experiencing loss is interesting – and not in the good sense.


What’s interesting about it is you can lose some of the most important things and/or people in your life, and it can cause you to think, “Ok, it can’t get worse than this.”


NEVER THINK THAT. You can ALWAYS lose more.


And sometimes that loss has nothing to do with death – it’s just that people change, they grow apart, or they just stop caring.


And here’s the thing: No matter how much YOU have changed, or grown apart – the actual end or cutting off of that thing or person is still incredibly painful.


And shutting down won’t make the pain go away; trying not to feel the pain will only prolong the healing because the truth is, no one will be there for you forever.


And that’s life.




12/4/15 7:48pm CST

Truth Hurts

Truth may march o’er cracked stone floors
through bloodied hearts arrayed,

And Pain might prevail whilst cities lie
In dust and agony weighed,

Yet Reality trudges onward
through the graying scenes of life,

Gripping in one whitened fist
Truth’s heartless, edged knife.

–KW McCabe 2015

When Things Are Unclear

Monday, September 28th, 2015



It’s been 21 days since the night my husband went missing.


The circumstances surrounding that night are confusing, to say the least.


There are times when the whole thing seems unreal. The irony of the situation cuts deep when others comment that his disappearance sounds like a book or a movie, because though I’m a writer – this is my life.


I had to halt editing Dragon Kin as I have been consumed with talking to investigators, and I’m uncertain when I’ll be able to restart.


I hope this ends soon, that my husband is found, and that my daughters’ tiny, protected worlds are made right again.

Dragon Kin Blurb!

Sunday, August 30th, 2015



So, after much hair pulling and helpless, frustrated tears, I’ve finished the blurb and book description for Dragon Kin. Check it out below!



*A land ruled by the Dragon Queen
*An exiled dragon prince 
*A girl of mysterious origins 
*Division will destroy them


Cecily Burns’ world is ruled by Queen Saranyu, the dragon queen, who devoured her father’s leg. Even though Cecily knows the dark side of dragonkind, she befriends Derek, Queen’s Saranyu’s son. Though such bonds between humans and dragons are forbidden, the two pursue their destiny as true mates.


Their rebellion has a price — an ultimatum from Queen Saranyu to her son: Cecily and banishment, or the throne.


Derek defies his mother and chooses Cecily.


The shock of Derek’s mutiny drives Queen Saranyu into a life-threatening coma that leaves her kingdom in turmoil. In the queen’s absence, humans disappear mysteriously as Sahak, her older son, masterminds a treasonous plot for the throne.


Cecily suffers horrific visions, and not even Derek’s love can protect her from a transformation that might force dragonkind to retaliate. Cecily must discover what her change means for her and Derek before Sahak steals the throne and eradicates humanity.

The Dragon’s Call – New Cover!

Friday, August 21st, 2015

BookCover6x9_BW_240 frontBookCover6x9_BW_240 paperback




Here is the new cover for The Dragon’s Call, Cover art and design by Mihaela Voicu!


She’s done an absolutely beautiful job!


I’ve also been thinking long and hard about whether or not to split up the story or publish it as one book. As of right now, the entire manuscript reads over 105k words – and I’m still not finished. Because of this, I decided that it would be a better idea to split the manuscript in half, making Dragon Kin and The Dragon Throne into 50k+ word novellas. I wasn’t certain I should do this at first, but at this point the word count is too lengthy to leave as is for a YA novel.


There are some upsides and downsides to this – the downside being that some readers might actually prefer the thicker novel of over 105k words. The upside is that I’ll be able to edit and publish Dragon Kin much sooner than I had hoped. I might even have it ready for publishing mid-2016.


In any case, Mihaela will also design the covers for the following novellas in the trilogy ^.^


So, here it is.


Dragon Kin has been submitted to IWW for editing and is running the gauntlet.


The Dragon Throne is in the last stages and, like every ending, is difficult for me to write. But I’m getting there.


Wish me tons of coffee, patience, and good luck ^.^


Beta Readers! #amwriting ^.^

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015



So, I’m looking for beta readers for the first part of the sequel to The Dragon’s Call. I’m in the process of refining the plot and picking out plot holes to correct, so I’m nowhere near finished with editing. This is literally just the beginning. Hopefully this process will go quickly. I’m completing the very last end of the second part of the sequel, and I hope to have it complete soon.


The ironic thing, at least for me, is that the end of a book is always the hardest for me to write. Not because I don’t know the end, but because I do. Writing the end of a story is always hardest for me because I’m ending the my time with the characters that I’ve spent so much time with. They become real to me in a way that’s hard to let go.


Writer’s block usually hits around this time in a bad way. I know what I need to write. I know what the scenes look like. I know what the characters say…


I don’t want it to end, and I know that it has to.


So, right now I’m eeking out word by word, scene by scene, struggling to write this and finish it, to end it.


Wish me luck.

What Do You Read With?

Saturday, July 4th, 2015


So, I’d love to find out what you read with – check out the poll and make your vote ^.^

Why I’m Leaving KDPS #ReleaseTheRate @amazon

Friday, July 3rd, 2015



On 7/1/2015, I recieved this letter from Amazon, informing me of the new program in KDPS that will pay authors by the page instead of by the download:


In mid-June, we announced a change to the way we will pay for authors’ participation in Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) ( Starting today, the payout of the KDP Select Global Fund will be based on the number of pages KU and KOLL customers read. (Emphasis mine)

In mid-July, we will post results for the fund in June, expected to be at least $11M, making June the largest monthly payout so far. As previously announced, the KDP Select fund for July and August will also be at least $11M.

KDP authors can now see the Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (KENPC V1.0) for each of their KDP Select titles on the “Promote and Advertise” page in their Bookshelf ( Please keep in mind that, because it is based on settings specific to this program and intended to normalize the count across all KDP Select titles, KENPC may well vary from page counts listed on a book’s Amazon detail page or page counts for a print book. As measured using KENPC, during the month of June, KU and KOLL customers read nearly 1.9 billion Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENPs) of KDP Select books.

For information about how we determine a book’s Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (KENPC V1.0), you can read more here:

We welcome your continued feedback and ideas about how we can further improve Kindle Direct Publishing and Kindle Unlimited.

Best regards,
The Kindle Direct Publishing Team
©1996-2015,, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. Amazon and Kindle are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. 410 Terry Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98109 US

As a result of this, I have removed my short stories and poetry from the KDPselect program. I have left The Dragon’s Call on there for the moment, but am seriously considering removing it from there as well. I do not like how little information is being given on how many of my books are downloaded versus how many pages are read. The only information I’m given is how many pages have been read for that day. I don’t know what pages in which books, or if multiple books were downloaded – I know nothing at all except how many pages of all my works total were read for the day.

That is unacceptable.


I will not use KDPS for my smaller books anymore, and if the payout is not comparable to what I was receiving prior to July 1st, I will be removing The Dragon’s Call as well.


Take that, Jeff Bezos. #ReleaseTheRate

Authors Pull-Out on Amazon KU! #ReleaseTheRate

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Well, it looks like Amazon has finally shown their true face. I always knew it was a matter of time, but the lack of disclosure and information regarding who is reading our work, I feel, is ridiculous. Selena Kitt says it best in her blogpost below:

From author Selena Kitt:


Erotica authors were impatiently waiting for July 1, for a look at the new dashboard and the opportunity for a glimpse into the Bezos crystal ball at what they might be paid for the month of July, when the Kindle Unlimited changes took place.

Looks like the numbers are (kind of) in… and the outlook is rather dismal. Erotica shorts authors knew it was going to be bad. I just don’t think most of them thought it was going to be quite *this* bad. Because it looks as if authors will be making about $0.0057 per page. That’s slightly less than half a penny a page, folks.


…We are the most versatile, adaptive and scrappy bunch of people I have ever known. And if Amazon thought we were going to take this lying down?

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. Then they don’t know us very well!

Introducing the #releasetherate campaign

The objective is twofold:

1. Get Amazon to tell us how many people are borrowing our books, without which our page counts are utterly useless

2. Get Amazon to tell us how much they mean to pay us – NOW. IN ADVANCE. No more of this, “Enroll your books, choose to go exclusively with Amazon, and we’ll tell you later how much you’ll make” crap!

See the rest of the article HERE


Dragons and Things

Friday, June 26th, 2015





I’ve passed 84k words in The Dragon Throne, but I still haven’t finished. I am clearing the beginning mark to the last end of the book, though. I have only 7 scenes to write before I hit the very 5-6 scenes at the very end of Cecily and Derek’s story. At least, that’s the plan. Once I’ve completed that, then comes the editing process which takes awhile and is as painful as actually writing the story, if not more so.


I’ve been lucky enough to contact wonderful artists over the length of this duology, and I came in contact with another extremely talented artist who seemed interested in redoing the cover for The Dragon’s Call, and creating the cover for The Dragon Throne. Needless to say, I’m absolutely thrilled ^.^


Cover creation is an extremely lengthy, time-consuming process, and while I can create covers, and enjoy doing so, time dictates that I focus my efforts on writing and completing the story instead of cover-making. To this end, I’m consuming large amounts of coffee and propping my eyes open with tooth-picks to get this finished. (Ok, only the coffee part is true!)


Meanwhile, help yourself to the giveaway below, and wish me luck! ^.^

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