Dragon Kin and Other News!


A big thanks to Madeline Rose who gave me permission to use her unicorn 🙂


~Cecily is changing. In her dreams, a mysterious stranger calls, telling her to find him before it’s too late – but too late for what? How can she find someone she’s never met when everything she is, is becoming something strange and unexplained? Derek and Cecily must learn what it means to come into one’s own before it’s too late to solve the mystery of Cecily’s dreams at all.~
Ok, so as you can see, above is the temporary cover for Dragon Kin. It’s more of a concept/placeholder than anything else. I’m an extremely visual person, so having images to focus on – things that mimic the scenes in my head – help my muse stay focused.
Additionally, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out the sale of Lord of Death and Angel of Death, both books are on sale now for $.99 each, but the sale is ending 2/28/15.
For those of you who loooove free stuff, I’ve also added an excerpt of Dragon Kin to the site for a limited time! Feel free to check it out Here.
Feel free to leave comments anywhere on the site, whether you love it, hate it, are bored by it – whatever ^.^

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