Can Guys Be Good Friends?

Can guys be just as good friends as your girlfriends?

Many of us have grown up with the belief that men and women cannot be friends without some form of attraction happening. Whether it was our parents who told us that, “There’s no such thing as being ‘just’ friends,” or our friends who queried us saying, “Are you sure there’s nothing going on between you guys?” for the most part, people seem to believe that friendships between men and women are always based on ulterior motives.

But is this truly the case?

Jeremy Nicholson M.S.W., Ph.D., a writer for Psychology Today discusses the conflicts and difficulties that can take place in friendships between men and women.  In his article he describes how men view being “friend-zoned,” vs women who experience the friend zone — but as friends with benefits. Neither zone is described as desirable to either gender.

Still, there are many people who would say that, yes, a platonic friendship is possible between men and women. Dr. Nicholson touches very briefly on this particular circumstance, yet highlights that these types of friendships can often cause jealousy in the outside romantic relationships that these two friends might have.

So how to handle these difficulties? There clearly isn’t a solid answer as of yet.

However, it is clear that for some, at least, a platonic relationship between men and women is a possibility, and there are tangible benefits to it.

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