The Importance of Friends

Some women in this day and age seem to subscribe to the belief that having friendships with other women is fraught with drama and tension and is, on the whole, better avoided. While many women do not believe this, it is important to consider why these ideas and beliefs might come into play.

Women as a whole suffer under stereotypes of being emotional, illogical, hysterical, dramatic, and a host of other negative terminologies that have been foisted onto them by society. Could these stereotypes still be instilled within women to the point where they see each other through these negative lenses?

This is an important question to hold in one’s mind.

In general, negative interactions occur when negative thought patterns are acted upon. Because of this truth, it’s important for women to guard their thoughts against such negative images of other females because, ultimately, it as the same view they have of themselves.

Women as a whole must intentionally keep positive thoughts in their mind about each other and about themselves, because negative thought patterns are what cause the disintegration in interpersonal relations and even internal beliefs about self.

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