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*A land ruled by the Dragon Queen

*An exiled dragon prince

*A girl of mysterious origins

*Division will destroy them


Cecily’s world is ruled by Queen Saranyu, the dragon queen who devoured her father’s leg. A twisted turn of fate unites Cecily and Derek, Queen’s Saranyu’s son, in a forbidden relationship.

Their rebellion has a price.

Queen Saranyu issues an ultimatum to Derek: To stay with Cecily, to love her, means banishment. His insubordination will cost him the Dragon Throne.

Derek defies his mother and chooses Cecily.

The shock of Derek’s mutiny drives Queen Saranyu onto a perilous path that leaves her kingdom in turmoil. In the queen’s absence, humans disappear mysteriously as Sahak, her older son, masterminds a treasonous plot for the throne. Cecily suffers horrific visions, and not even Derek’s love can protect her from a change that might force dragonkind to retaliate.

Cecily must discover what her transformation means before Sahak steals the throne and eliminates humanity.


Dawn of the Dead




(Want to read an excerpt? Click  HERE or HERE )


Dawn sees dead people.

Unfortunately, she sees her dead uncle, in the form of a raven, every day, too.

Luckily, seeing and speaking to the dead comes in handy when you’re trying to find lost children, and Dawn is going to need  all her powers to find a little girl kidnapped by her ex-felon father. However, the dead person Dawn calls on for aid with the case isn’t all that helpful. It doesn’t talk. Turns out it can’t because “it” is a baby.

Now, Dawn is racing to save a lost little girl before it’s too late while trying to find a murderer and put to rest a dead infant.

Whoever came up with the saying “Rest In Peace” had clearly never been a Necromancer.

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      Artist: Escape The Fate
  1. My Apocalypse
  2. Zombie Dance
  3. No Sympathy for the Dead
  4. Gorgeous Nightmare
  5. The Guillotine

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